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                  Pond Pump
                  Utility Eco Pump
                  Submersible Pump
                  Pond Cleaning Tools
                  Fountain Aerator
                  Horticultural Biochemical Filter
                  Outdoor Air Pump
                  Pond Accessories
                  Submersible Pump
                  Wave Maker
                  Aeration Crossflow Wave Generator
                  Submersible-air Pump
                  Foam Pump
                  Protein Skimmer
                  Water Chiller
                  Air Pump
                  Air Compressor
                  Aquarium Equipment Accessories
                  Desktop Fish Tank
                  Fashion Aquarium (Medium)
                  Luxury Aquarium (Large)
                  Fish Tank Floor Cabinet
                  Aquarium Accessories
                  Pet Tank
                  Pet Supplies
                  Pet Smart Fountain
                  SLB series variable frequency pump
                  DJB series variable frequency pump
                  XL series variable frequency pump
                  XL series variable frequency pump
                  DJ4P series variable frequency pump
                  JN4P series variable frequency pump
                  JX4P series variable frequency pump
                  DCB series variable frequency pump
                  SLB series variable frequency pump;


                  Natural Life·Natural Enjoyment——BOYU Technology

                  Company profile
                  Company qualification
                  Production scale
                  Guangdong Boyu Group Co., Ltd.

                  Guangdong Boyu Group Co., Ltd. is a "national high-tech enterprise" devoted to R&D, production and sales of various aquarium equipment, landscape supporting equipment and pet products.a

                  The brand names are "well-known trademarks in China", "well-known trademarks in Guangdong Province", "well-known products in Guangdong Province" and "top ten brands in Chinese aquaculture industry". Company owns
                  A modern garden-style production base of 150,000 square meters, with strong scientific research strength and advanced production and testing equipment, is the "characteristic industry base of aquarium equipment in Guangdong Province".

                  The product sells well in more than 80 countries and regions all over the country and abroad. It is the first choice of famous brand products for customers at HOME and abroad. First in domestic aquarium equipment industry
                  The General Administration of Customs of China has awarded the title of "Advanced Certified Enterprise (AA-type Customs Management Enterprise)".

                  Experience in aquarium equipment industry
                  Modern garden-style production base
                  Product best-selling countries and regions
                  Talent is the foundation of an enterprise and the core competitiveness of enterprise development

                  The company establishes the concept of "talent is the most precious asset", creates an environment, builds a platform, and establishes a mechanism to provide employees with a broad space for learning and development; to create a corporate culture with the theme of "Harmonious Boyu, Development Boyu", and build A professional and hard-working scientific research and management team has been established to lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the company.

                  Quality is the life

                  The company establishes a scientific development concept that keeps pace with the times, strengthens quality awareness, and wins the recognition and trust of domestic and foreign customers with high-efficiency, energy-saving, environmentally friendly products and sincere and comprehensive services, and has established a good long-term strategic cooperative relationship. The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 international management system certification, and its products have passed GS, CE, UL, ETL and other international quality and safety certifications. It has led or participated in the drafting and formulation of many national and industry standards; it was rated as "Guangdong Province AAAA-level standardized good behavior enterprise".

                  Innovation is the driving force of enterprise development

                  Relying on the belief of “Hundreds of Waters Strives for Streaming, Going Further”, the company continuously strengthens its independent innovation capabilities, uses high-tech to improve and optimize products, and advocates the research and development of new energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products; the company has successively established the “Guangdong Horticultural Aquatic Equipment Project” Many provincial-level technology research and development institutions, such as the “Technology Research and Development Center” and the “Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center”, play a leading and promoting role in the transformation and upgrading of the industry and technological breakthroughs and improvements. Now it has more than one hundred domestic and foreign patents. It is a "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise", "Guangdong Province Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise" and "Guangdong Province Innovative Enterprise". It is the first company in the aquarium equipment industry to win the "China Patent Award Excellent" Award” enterprise.

                  Have the courage to develop and be determined to innovate

                  The company adheres to the spirit of "being brave to develop and being determined to innovate", facing the opportunities and challenges in the new era, and actively adapting to and satisfying the development requirements of economic globalization; forward-looking models and strategies, stable development in a win-win cooperation; Integrity and pragmatism, brand building, individual character, and setting a model" business philosophy, provide global users with novel products with advanced technology in the industry, and be an industry benchmark enterprise with a strong sense of mission and social responsibility.

                  Company Qualification
                  Production Scale

                  Intensive production mode gives Boyu a strong advantage of high competitiveness. The company has a series of advanced production lines, including product testing rooms, water pump testing rooms, injection molding workshops, mold workshops, glass bending production lines, and fish tanks. Production line, winding workshop, water pump production line, air pump production line, fish tank cabinet workshop, UV lamp production line, resin workshop, protein separator production line, external filter production line, chiller production line, mold processing center, product development department... and other production lines, Build with all your strength, it's wonderful.

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